Well Adolescent visits (ages 13-21)

Well parents of teenagers, here is one Good News announcement.  You know all those forms that you have been filling out for your younger child.  Well with Bright Futures, the majority of the Pre-Visit form is completed by your ADOLESCENT.   So remember to print it before the visit and then stick it in their hand (unless they are the driver, which is scary enough).

ORP & BF Pre-Visit questionaires

Ages 13 - 17 years    

Ages 18 - 21 years


  • Most teenagers are up to date with vaccinations if they have completed the 11-12 year old vaccines (TdapMeningococcus and HPV).New recommendations from the CDC support doing a booster dose of meningitis vaccine (eg Menactra) at age 16-18.  

Teens and Driving 

  • Parent - Teen Driving Agreement and a message to Parents of Teen Drivers (English and Spanish)

Useful forms for sports and school