Telemedicine visits

Oberlin Road Physicians are excited to start Telemedicine visits: you and a physician will have a simultaneous audio-visual conversation from the comfort of your own home.

What can be done by Telemedicine?  "Discussion only" visits.

  • Acute or chronic non-contagious visits-- headaches, chronic abdominal pain, constipation or toileting concerns, toddler feeding/picky eating concerns, chronic asthma updates, menstrual issues
  • Behavioral concerns and questions-- new ADHD evaluations and medicine rechecks, mood concerns, or general behavioral coaching visits.   We will strive to schedule these with your typical PMD.


  • Call the phone nurse and she will determine if a Telemedicine visit would be appropriate.   Let the nurse know if you would like longer than the 15 min default-length appointment duration.
  • An invitation will be emailed to you, with a specific time to link in with the physician.  You may use a smartphone or a computer with camera.    If using a phone, you cannot switch applications and show photos to the physician while in the midst of the Telemedicine visit.   

Helpful information before the visit

  1. Try to be in a room that is relatively well lit, and with as little background noise as is feasible.
  2. Skin—You can get better images by taking well-lit still photos while waiting to talk to the doctor, and then emailing those photos prior to the visit.  Take the photos in natural outdoor light (best) or with good illumination.     Parents can email the photos to [email protected].    This is NOT a HIPPA protected address.   Include the name of the child in the body of the email.   This email address will discontinued in the long run and is not a equal substitute for portal use.  This will not be checked routinely for medical questions.
  3. The parent is responsible for ensuring that the insurance policy covers Telemed visits.