Patient Portal

(Starting June 20, 2022)

Secure online access to your child’s health record

What is My Kids Chart?

My Kids Chart gives access to health records to parents or legal guardians of patients of a certain age.

With My Kids Chart you can:

  • See upcoming appointments for the whole family
  • Exchange messages with your child's care team
  • View and print immunization records
  • View growth charts and measurements
  • View lab results
  • Request a medicine refill
  • Pay a bill 

Sign up today!

  1. Receive a portal activation from our staff.  We can start this with simply a name and phone number!
  2. Follow the easy link sent to your smart phone.
  3. Follow the easy prompts to verify the account and change the password.
  4. Get access 24/7 to your child's health records.
  5. Need help or to learn all the features?: My Kid's Chart User's Guide - PCC Learn
  6. Make an easy link to your home screen: Add My Kid's Chart to Your Home Screen - PCC Learn

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