ADHD Medication Refills and Recheck Visits

ADHD Medication Recheck appointments 

During the first month(s) of treatment, visits will need to occur monthly as the medication regimen is fine-tuned for your child. Once the ADHD symptoms are stable on the medication, the visits can be spaced out and will generally occur every three to six months.  
Med checks” may need to occur independently of your child’s annual physical exam 
because of the time needed to assess not only his or her response to medication but also his or her performance in school, at home, and during extracurricular activities.

Prior to a Med-check visit:

  1. Download and print the ADHD MED-CHECK PAPERWORK. (8-page document, including Parent information letter, one ORP Parent Questionnaire, 1 Parent Vanderbilt form and 2 teacher Vanderbilt follow up forms). Click to download an additional Parent Follow-up Vanderbilt form or additional Teacher form. The Vanderbilt questionnaires provide quantitative data about the child’s response to medications in several different settings, and help the physician with medication management.  It is very important that the physician get the Vanderbilt follow-up forms from both a parent and a teacher to give the pediatrician the most complete picture of how the patient is doing with regards to ADHD during the entire day, both at home and at school.
  2. Submit this paperwork at least 5 days prior to your appointment so the physician may review it ahead of time.
  3. There is an additional form called the ADHD RS-IV FORM for patients 13 years of age and older that allows them to self-assess their ADHD symptoms.

Medication refills in between Med Recheck Visits.
Need a refill of meds? Not a surprise.   Controlled substances, including stimulants for ADHD, can only be prescribed 3 months at a time, so families do need to call back frequently to request refills.    

  1. Call our phone nurses, and in your voice message be sure to clarify:
    1.  Which medication and dose do you need refilled
    2.  What pharmacy would you want this sent to (if you don't tell us, we will guess and use your last pharmacy)
    3.  If there are significant side effects or medication concerns that warrant a change in meds.  

Allow 5 business days for us to complete this refill request.