Flu Clinic

You can't get your kids on the school bus, but you can get them on the FLU BUS!!!
That's right!-- the 2020 flu vaccine clinic will be on a restored school bus in our parking lot. 
Call us today to for an appointment!! 

Would you prefer Flu Mist?  The Flu Mist is a non-needle vaccine option (beloved by the school aged crowd).   It's available for people between ages 2-49.

Excluding criteria for Flu Mist: 
Asthma with wheezing in the last 12 months, or Egg allergy
Chronic medical conditions including chronic heart conditions, blood diseases, Rheumatoid arthritis, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, chronic metabolic diseases, organ transplant, and some neurologic conditions.  
Patients taking daily Aspirin.  

FLUMIST & FLU SHOTS - Just tell our nurse your preference at your appointment.
Parents may get Flu Shots and Flu Mist along with your children on the Cool Flu Bus!
Cost for parents:  Shot $40/FluMist $50 (
You can file with your insurance

Clinics will run MOST Saturday and Sundays from 10-2, &
MOST Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings (5-7 pm).

Call the office 919-828-4747 to schedule an appointment.
When you arrive for the vaccine, call the front desk again to check in and receive directions.